my favorite flavor of cake is more

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I’d like to report a crime…


this man has a face like sunshine and a torso like hellfire

this is poetry

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"The way Bucky was written in the earlier comic books is very different than how we decided to go with in the movie. One thing that particularly really drew me to, what I was able to find out about Bucky, as a character, is that he ended up doing the dirty work I think that added a very interesting dynamic between his relationship with Steve Rogers. Captain America was always kinda like the symbol and the guy that kind of walked away with the spotlight. And Bucky was trained to do sort of the stuff around the edges. And I really liked that because I thought it added a different edge to him."

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I joined S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect people.”

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Come Together/Royals - The Beatles & Lorde

#the first note of come to together hit my ears and a tear dropped


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